Welcome to our Kindergarten, a program designed to reflect and nurture the full needs of children at this critical stage of their lives, a time where the bridge between home and school is just being formed. K.I.S. believes that the early school experience sets the foundation for lifelong intellectual and social growth, so we strive to develop in each child the mental keenness, physical confidence, pleasure in learning, and the basic skills to understanding one’s self and the world.

In our environmental friendly school, children thrive in a bustling, colorful space, directly connected to the school playground for easy access to the fresh air for physical play and outdoor learning, K.I.S.’s program promotes competency and engagement in a variety of subjects, which broadens the skills and the concepts introduced from the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy. Students will acquire some important basic education such as physical and mental education, social studies, science, pre-math, as well as Chinese, Khmer and English languages.