The aim of Kingsbridge International School  (K.I.S.) is to educate the hearts  and minds of every student to provide total growth; intellectually, spiritually, and physically in an environment of academic excellence whilst promoting high moral values. The school respects  that everyone is different each with our own unique abilities. At K.I.S. we encourage the development of our student’s own voice and commitment to responsible living in an ever changing world. K.I.S. celebrates diversity and draws upon it to foster cultural sensitivity, religious understanding, and a global perspective.   From Daycare to Kindergarten and Primary School K.I.S. affirms the value of educating students through a structured learning environment in a challenging and supportive way. K.I.S.’s core mission is to develop our student’s critical and creative thinking, clear expression, and develop a lifelong love of learning. Emphasizing classical disciplines, the arts and scientific inquiry, fosters the intellectual,  aesthetic, physical, and spiritual development of students and incorporates technology as an essential tool for learning. A wide range of activities complements the academic program and increases opportunities for competition, collaboration, and leadership. K.I.S. values the separate yet collaborative roles of parents, students, staff, trustees, in building our society with pride and dignity. Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their child. Teachers strive to get to know each individual student, to be able to respond to their individual  needs and to  encourage  initiative and accomplishment. Students are urged to become active community participants, responsive to others within society and beyond K.I.S. 


K.I.S.’s vision is a world where young learners grow to become successful leaders that help challenge, shape, and change the world to be a peaceful, and more prosperous place for all. We believe that the early school experience sets forth the foundation for lifelong  intellectual and personal growth.