School Fees

Kingsbridge International School (KIS) school fee includes Enrollment Fee, Administration Fee and Tuition Fee.  All fees must be paid one time only except Tuition Fee. School fees are non-refundable. Students taken out of school during the school year will not be reimbursed for any fees/costs incurred.

Tuition Fees can be paid by 1 payment per year with 20% discount and 2 payments per year with 10% tuition discount and 4 payments per year with full fee. Student who pay 1-year full tuition in advance of each new school year (before August 15) will receive free enrolment fee. Late payments will be subject to a fine of 3$ per day, if payment is not made within 30 days of payment due date KIS will discontinue enrolment of the student until payment has been made.

For parents or guardian who enroll the 2nd child will get additional 5% discount and the 3rd child will get additional 10% discount of the tuition fee. Students who begin school after the school year has begun will pay a pro-rated amount for the remaining months left within the KIS academic school year.

Payment can be made by cash at the cashier counter or by bank transfer using internet banking or bank mobile app to transfer the amount due to the school bank accounts (ABA Bank)