K.I.S. programs range from Daycare through Primary (Grade 6)

Currently Kingsbridge International School (K.I.S.) offers all elementary levels of academics from Daycare to Primary School (Grade 6). Daycare programs are designed for students aged 2 to 3 years old, Kindergarten K1 –K3 for students aged 3 – 5 years old and our Primary school Grades 1 – 6 for students aged 6 to 11, (English) International Curriculum / (Khmer) National Curriculum / Chinese Language. We currently provide the Cambodian National Curriculum taught in the Khmer language and a United States based International Curriculum taught in English, both are available from K1 – Grade 6. We provide a positive and nurturing environment which allows for comfortable but effective learning conditions. This is made possible by creating warm and friendly school and classroom environments. K.I.S. utilizes internationally approved and accepted curriculum and methodologies which promote and provide an academic course of study which meets international standards and in line with our school vision, ethos and philosophy.

International Curriculum

Please note that the (English + Chinese) International Curriculum is only available in half day sessions. Families can choose the International Curriculum for their child in either a morning session or afternoon session. Students who enroll in our full day schedule will have the International curriculum in the morning and the (Khmer) National Curriculum in the afternoon.  However for families who have their child enrolled in other Cambodian schools can choose the afternoon International Curriculum + Chinese in the afternoon.

National Curriculum

K.I.S. is an independent school licensed by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport of Cambodian, Our Cambodian National Curriculum prepares students for all national exams, in accordance with all the academic requirements for Cambodian University acceptance.

Chinese Language Program

Our Chinese language program is incorporated into the National and International curriculum within the student’s weekly schedule. Chinese language is also available as a Saturday language club, as an extra supplement to students or families who want their child to be more proficient in Chinese.