Principle Welcome

Principal Welcome

My name is Eric Sjostrom ,

I am honored to serve as the new principal of Kingsbridge International School. 

I hold a BA in Education from the University of Utah and have spent the past 13 years working with some of the leading International schools in China and Southeast Asia.  It is my belief that learning institutions (schools) should be places where children can feel and experience a true desire to learn without pressure whilst developing a solid intellect and fine character.  If this can be achieved, then the school has indeed fulfilled its obligation to produce creative, innovative, problem solving students who will prosper and contribute as respectable leaders within the Kingdom of Cambodia and beyond. Here at KIS we strive to provide the best quality academic programs available, and insure a positive nurturing school learning environment which far exceeds the standards typically found at International Schools throughout Cambodia.  We have built a truly wonderful school, a school we are very proud of, and a school your child will be equally proud and happy to attend.